Little Squirrel Bakery

At Little Squirrel Bakery we specialize in macarons - from classic flavors like Vanilla Bean to flavors that are a little more off the wall like Captain Crunch, we have it all! 


Little Squirrel Bakery is based in Seattle, Washington where our macarons are made with high quality, organic, & local ingredients when available*. Little Squirrel Bakery was born out of an insatiable sweet tooth that belongs to a girl named Kasey. This is a girl that will happily suffer any stomach ache should there be a delicious treat in need of trying. Needless to say, she has a love/hate relationship with her dentist. 

*The only exception are our macarons featured in the cereal series. They are full of high-fructose, artificially flavored childhood fun. Who am I to mess around with that?



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